Where do we conduct business? 

We primarily conduct business in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Specializing in metropolitan cities like Toronto, London and Ottawa. 

How do I know you're credible?

While we are a fairly new organization we do have a lot to put on display. This organization currently manages and owns over $10,000,000 in real estate alone. Top that off with 7 figures worth of stocks, bonds, GIC and other investments it's clear we have experience working with big numbers. All our investments are cash-flow positive and have never returned net-negative per annum.

Do you guarantee a large return on my investment?

The short answer is no. We cannot guarantee your investment will skyrocket but based on our outgoing history we're confident that we can increase the valuation of your assets. 

Can I withdraw from my services at any time?

Almost. Property management and consulting can be cancelled at anytime after clearing any outstanding balances. Angel investing and personal loans are subject to payback in full plus applicable interest. Subject to case by case review and conditions apply. 

What are your consulting fees?

It's hard to pinpoint a set price because it can be super dynamic. Sometimes, the task is easy and we won't charge you a dime. However, oftentimes the complexity and length of certain projects can demand a higher premium.